Our Story

Azul Cohlmia

Azul spent his life enjoying nature from a young age. He grew up camping, fishing, gardening, and hiking which are all activities he still enjoys in his free time. After dropping out of school he founded a business in the healthcare industry and worked there for several years before moving back to Chicago to finish his degree in Environmental Conservation and Sustainability at DePaul University. While working on his degree he and Rory founded Freedom Trails Inc and have spent as much of their free time as possible networking and further developing the business model. Azul is recently married, has two dogs who are more like children, and plans on laying out more roots in the Chicagoland area.

Rory Burlew

Rory has spent his time working in the service industry. In his free time, he could be found hiking, camping, or following many of the major professional sports. Some of his favorite places in the world can be found near his frequently traveled campsites in Wisconsin, Colorado, or Arkansas. He has a couple cats and a dog who keep him on his toes at all times. Rory has always had a love for worms and is the Freedom Trails resident worm expert.

Megan Albers

Hi! I’m Megan Albers and I’m a sophomore at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville studying Public Relations and minoring in Environmental Studies and Business. I’ve always loved the outdoors and growing up in Florida, I spent all my days outside exploring the woods, lakes and whatever else I could find. This love of nature has led me to be passionate about causes that promote sustainability and conservation. Freedom Trails aligns perfectly with my values and allows me to promote various environmental projects in a big city like Chicago. I’m excited to serve as a Public Relations and Social Media Intern for Spring 2019 and possibly Summer 2019!