Current Projects

Freedom Trails Food-Waste Reduction Initiative

Here at Freedom Trails we have one goal in mind; giving back to the environment and helping to take care of and preserve the beauty around all of us, that is why we have developed the FT Food-Waste Reduction Initiative.

The idea is very basic, by working with local businesses, restaurants and grocery stores we develop a collection system of their compostable food waste free of charge. This is a no brainer choice to make as a business, by letting us provide a bin, doing very little work to only fill it up with compostable food waste we will come collect it regularly and there will be a reduction in the amount of garbage produced by the establishment, and you can honestly tell your customers that you are making an effort to have a positive impact on the environment, we will even vouch for you!

Why are we willing to offer such a great deal? We are hungry for all the compostable material you can provide for us. Our army of worms is always hungry and looking for food. The end goal is to use this food waste that was going to end up in a landfill to feed our worms who will turn it into nutrient rich castings which can then be used as fertilizer by local gardeners or growers. By providing us with the worm food you are helping us to create a business to fund our conservation and restoration projects.

Why is this a big deal? According to the EPA in 2010 alone there was over 33 million TONS of food that ended up in landfills, which is equivalent to half a pound of food per person thrown away per day for that year. We are hoping to be able to take a bite out of that enormous number to help reduce what ends up in those landfills.

Freedom trails is currently looking to partner with organizations and businesses to provide a non-meat or dairy food waste collection service, or any donations to help us with the establishment of this unique, brand-new initiative. If you are interested in learning more about the project, eligibility or getting involved feel free to contact us at or make a tax deductible donation through paypal here on our website.

The Learn About Worms Program

Freedom Trails Incorporated is a federally recognized 501(c)3 not for profit corporation, part of that commitment from us being non profit is that we provide educational outreach about the things that we do and the things we are passionate about as an organization, that is where the Learn About Worms Program comes into play.

If you are interested in teaching your children, business, or random group of people about the benefits of worms, vermiculture, or composting as a way to help take care of the environment reach out to us and we will come do a presentation about the benefits of worms and their impact on the world we live in.

We are very flexible and are more than happy to tailor our presentation to whatever audience is interested in listening to us talk. Please reach out to us via our contact us page or give us a call at 773-220-0376.



We are always looking for additional new and exciting projects, please get in touch with us if you have any project ideas. We are interested in every single project no matter the size!