Residential Collection Service

Once Per Month

At $20 per month our most cost friendly program will allow you to divert your food scraps from the landfill and help us achieve our goal of funding the creation of a food scrap compost processing facility. This service includes one pick up a month and can be the right fit for individuals.

Twice Per Month

For $30 per month you will subscribe to a pick-up service every other week. Your collections will be scheduled every other week. This service is more cost friendly and is usually recommended for couples or families of 3.

Every Week

For $40 per month you will subscribe to our weekly compostable material collection service. We will provide you with a bucket to fill and we will schedule your collection day. Every week make sure your filled bucket is accessible to us and we will replace it with a clean, empty bucket. See below for available discounts.

To Sign Up For Service:

Please submit a request through our Contact Us page or call 224-304-3344


Paid In Full Discount

If you sign up for an annual subscription of one of our services and pay the annual fee we will include an additional month of service completely for free. Pay for 12 months, get your 13th for free.

2 Person Group Discount

We are a small grass roots organization and because of that we work primarily by word of mouth. If you can get 2 of your friends or neighbors in the same zip code to sign up for our service you will get a free month of service.