About Us

Freedom Trails is an organization that is working to improve the conditions of the environment in any way possible. We are a federally recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization that currently operates in Delaware and Illinois.

Freedom Trails was founded out of a deep rooted passion towards being in nature and preserving the environment around us.

Who we are

Azul Cohlmia

After high school Azul began pursuing his passion of pre-veterinary medicine at Oklahoma State University stemming from a lifetime of loving animals and wanting to do what he could to help them. After taking a break from school to spend some time exploring the business world he returned home to the city he grew up in, Chicago, to finish out his undergraduate degree in environmental conservation and sustainability at DePaul University. Once back home he and long time friend Rory identified a major societal problem with the general lack of empathy towards conservation and the environment. They felt that the major oversight with conservation efforts was that there is a lack of involvement from the local community directly impacted from the effort. With this newly identified issue they turned their focus onto the creation of an organization that could bridge the gap between local societies and the conservation efforts that are necessary for the surrounding areas, hoping to initiate a local grassroots conservation and sustainability effort in as many areas as possible.




Rory Burlew

Rory has spent time every year for as long as he knows escaping from his busy Chicago-land life out to the woods and forests of Wisconsin, Colorado and Arkansas.  He loves all things outdoors including all the critters! From a young age he has always been fascinated by worms which lead to his hunt to learn all things about worms making him our resident worm expert.  After several long discussions with Azul about the gap left between local communities and conservation efforts he decided to harness the passion he has towards nature and the environment to help found Freedom Trails Incorporated. He has been a constant source of encouragement and a driving force behind the progress we have made as an organization so far. Not only does he love nature but he also loves his adorable dog Daisy, and his loving cats.




Megan Albers

Hi! I’m Megan Albers and I’m a sophomore at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville studying Public Relations and minoring in Environmental Studies and Business. I’ve always loved the outdoors and growing up in Florida, I spent all my days outside exploring the woods, lakes and whatever else I could find. This love of nature has lead me to be passionate about causes that promote sustainability and conservation. Freedom Trails aligns perfectly with my values and allows me to promote various environmental projects in a big city like Chicago. I’m excited to serve as a Public Relations and Social Media Intern for Spring 2019 and possibly Summer 2019!


To learn more about our current projects and ideas, send us an email or check out our current projects page!